TopicZero provides software applications and add-ons that make browsing the web more fun and social. We currently provide two tools - ShopTalk and BuyBuddy.

The ShopTalk sidebar for Firefox makes browsing more social. As you browse the Web, the ShopTalk sidebar shows you the conversations about the page you are viewing right now. You can enter the conversation by simply typing a message into the sidebar, pressing enter and it will be broadcast to others viewing the page and using the ShopTalk sidebar.

The BuyBuddy toolbar for Firefox adds a unique twist to shopping on the Web. As you browse the Web or browse on's website, the BuyBuddy toolbar can locate products on those pages that are offered through Amazon and 'tag' them. When you purchase these tagged products, the BuyBuddy toolbar will automatically select one of your buddies to associate with that purchase. Through the Amazon Associates program, a portion of the purchase price will be deposited by Amazon into your buddy's Amazon Associates account.